Pre-Insulated Pipe with Urethane Foam

Pre-insulated piping with urethane foam has revolutionized the piping industry.

Allowing piping systems to carry liquids at controlled temperatures ranging from -350° F to +250° F, and with a K factor less than half that of ordinary insulation. The factory pre-insulated manufacturing process allows for an exacting process through which urethane foam uniformly fills the space between the carrier pipe and jacket.


Rhinoflex is the right product for the distribution of hot and cold fluids.

Flexible pre-insulated piping has taken over the market for 5 1/2″ and smaller pre-insulated pipe because of its high quality and has the lowest installed cost of any pre-insulated pipe.

Rhinoflex pre-insulated pipe comes in the longest lengths available from any supplier of flexible pre-insulated piping. The long lengths of flexible pre-insulated Rhinoflex result in few or no underground joints and up to 60% less labor resulting in an installed cost savings of 25 to 40%!

Single line Rhinoflex is available from 3/4″ thru 5 1/2″ with PEX carrier pipe (use for hot fluids up to 204oF). It’s also available from 1-1/2″ thru 4″ with HDPE carrier pipe (use for hot fluids up to 140oF).  Rovanco is the only supplier in North America to make flexible factory pre-insulated pipe with HDPE carrier pipe.

Double line Rhinoflex is available from 1” thru 2-1/2” with PEX carrier pipe.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Pipe

Designed to transfer fluids from your holding tanks to dispensers.

Rovanco manufactures Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) piping systems designed to transfer fluids from your holding tanks to dispensers in either an above ground or below ground operation. All of Rovanco’s DEF piping systems can be constructed utilizing HDPE, FRP or stainless steel. Rovanco’s most popular above-ground system is made with a HDPE carrier pipe with electro-fusion fittings and can also be made of FRP or stainless steel as well.


A single-wall carrier pipe made of seamless, helically corrugated stainless steel with a PE jacket.

One of the primary uses of this pipe is DEF and other below ground applications, where UL approval is not required. The PE jacket is UV protected making this pipe also ideal for above ground installations. This pipe is easy to handle and install. It is manufactured in “endless” lengths, which eliminates connections (potential leak points) between beginning and end.

High Temp Conduit

A complete, trouble free, long lasting watertight heat distribution system that is engineered and factory fabricated to your specifications.

Rovanco’s Hi-Temp Conduit System comes with a full complement of engineering services and support from our field service representatives, including Cathodic Protection products.

Containment Pipe

Developed to provide a means to contain fluids that may leak out of a primary pipe, preventing the material from endangering personnel or contaminating the soil, ground water or air.

Typical uses of Rovanco Containment Pipe include oil, natural gas, chemicals, solvents, process waste, gasoline and acid transfer lines. Our design and manufacturing experience coupled with a wide selection of both carrier and jacket materials makes Rovanco the ideal source for Containment Piping Systems.

Manhole Leak Detection

Leak detection systems (LDS) are used to help pipeline detect and localize leaks.

They also enhance productivity and system reliability thanks to reduced downtime and inspection time. With the WiDetect A1e system, you will be alerted immediately if water levels rise, humidity changes, if a manhole cover is removed, or of any temperature changes. GPS coordinates are programmed in the unit, so it can be viewed using Googe Earth.

Blue Detect Leak Sensing

Conductors producing the same impedance along the entire length of the cable to detect pipe leaks and wet insulation.

The Blue Detect Leak Sensing cable system features a precisely parallel pair of conductors producing the same impedance along the entire length of the cable which facilitates the trouble-shooting and detection of pipe leaks and wet insulation in district heating, district cooling, water, sewerage and industrial sectors.

The cable runs the entire length of the pipe and can be attached directly to a pipe, in the air space between the carrier pipe and outer jacket or embedded within the polyurethane insulation on pre-insulated piping. Blue detect works with both metal and plastic piping systems.

Large Diameter PEX Pipe

An efficient and economical solution for applications requiring large diameter, flexible, pre-insulated piping.

Rovanco’s PEX-a Pexgol is available, factory insulated, field insulated or uninsulated (20′ and 40′ lengths are factory insulated at Rovanco). Coils are field insulated utilizing Rovanco’s Pexgol Insulation System.

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