Enzo Box

Protect your equipment investment from harsh weather, water and chemical erosion, and to extend the life of your valves and manifolds.

Whether designing a snowmelt, landscaping irrigation or oil and gas gathering system, choose EnzoUSA to protect your equipment investment from harsh weather, water and chemical erosion, and to extend the life of your valves and manifolds. Our boxes are insulated and durable and our specially formulated insulation and waterproof coating makes EnzoUSA boxes virtually indestructible.

  • Protect BTU’s Created by the Heating System –  An EnzoUSA box can reduce your heat load, especially when the heat source comes from expensive fuels, or when BTU’s are from a low temperature heat source such as temperatures 140° and below (associated with alternative energy systems). 
  • Self-draining and Waterproof  – Create a dry location for manifolds and valves that is enclosed on all six sides. Our box is self-draining, preventing harsh chemicals associated with landscaping and fertilizing from pooling up in a solution around the manifold or valve.  These chemicals often attack the metal of the manifold or produce biological conditions for a thriving host of bugs that are able to break down many materials. Manifolds and valves will last longer and the waterproof, drainable box provides a safer environment for maintenance to access.
  • Lightweight, Strong and Safe – We are aware of the dangers associated with heavy or sharp enclosure lids. Other systems require a crew of two for safe installation and removal of the box, while the EnzoUSA box is lightweight and can be safely be installed and opened by one person. Our boxes also allow for both foot passengers and landscaping equipment to travel over it, without any damage to the box or contents.
  • Three standard sizes are available off-the-shelf, or we can custom make a box specifically for your project.

Enzo Wall Sleeve

It’s sleek design allows for a clean, uncluttered and insulated entry point into your structure.

The Enzo wall sleeve is unlike any wall sleeve on the market today. It’s different because it stops multiple leak points due to multiple structural penetrations.

  • Only one single point-of-entry required (8-in. OD)
  • 10 insulated UL approved runs can house hot/cold piping, glycol/snowmelt, telecom, hose bibs, copper, etc.
  • 1 insulated UL approved run houses electrical/controls
  • Each run insulates and isolates one entry point from another
  • Prevents pipe shear at entry point of wall
  • Allows for a watertight, expandable heat shrink seal at each end
  • Assembly includes an outer LINK-SEAL modular seal that secures and protects the wall sleeve from shifting and periodic water contact and shrink wrap tubing.

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